Carolina Smith

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Hi! I’m Carolina, the creator of the LIA project, elementary teacher, certified yoga teacher, self care advocate and lover of all things outdoors. When I’m not creating lesson plans for my students, I'm usually in the rockies, at a spa, stretching it out at a studio or having soul conversations with a my girlfriends... glass of wine in hand (red please)!

After starting my career as a grade one teacher… I really started to appreciate self care on a whole. new. level. I felt all my yoga training went out the window because I suddenly didn’t have time for my daily practices & hours of journaling. I was “too busy” spending all day on my feet, running off minimal sleep and still expecting myself to make it the gym everyday. Let’s not forget about all the judgy “why-can’t-you-pull-it-off-you’re-supposed-to-be-a-yogi” inner dialogue. Gah!

At least that’s what I thought. Until I really started to do the work and became committed to finding small and big ways of bringing back alignment to each day by honouring and trusting myself. That is why I created the Self Care Through Meditation online class. Self care & meditation go hand and hand, and I’m very passionate to help other women find energy & clarity through this amazing practice! If you're reading this it's because you and I have a lot in common and I’m so grateful that you’re here! & @yogawithcarolina