So what is Self Love anyways?

What would it take for you to love yourself fully and unconditionally? Without judgment or disapproval. What are the stories you tell yourself repeatedly that you believe that if you just had the answers to, you would be at peace with yourself?

Photo: Unsplash

Photo: Unsplash

The mind is powerful, but it follows pursuit in the thoughts that we feed it with. Our repeated thoughts become ingrained into our mind, and as a result it can be a challenge to walk off the worn in path of self-doubt, and into a new path of true self acceptance. Stepping into our power as an individual and stepping into your most true nature.


Your truest expression of your divinity is always present, waiting patiently for you to meet once again and reawaken within you a deeper inner sense of knowing.

This winter I came to a realization of sorts, which has stayed with me since. As I looked out the window one morning I observed the trees. I began to realize how miraculous it is that we live on this planet, the factors at play that make this world go round, literally.  The way that the planets are positioned, the position of the sun. Too far away or too close and our life on this planet would not be able to exist. The conditions that have to be just right for us to live here.

The air we breathe is composed of materials and gases in the right ratios that allow us to breathe and survive. The combination of factors that allow for the ability for our food to grow, the temperature, the soil, the way the planets are positioned, the location of the sun. Then I pondered the interactions that had to take place from generations prior in order for us to come into existence. Interactions that took place between previous individuals that led to relationships. People who moved from another country to have new opportunities, thus creating new connections with others that led them on their path. The sequence of events could have been played out very differently, but it happened in such a way that we are now here.

Photo: Unsplash

Photo: Unsplash

This epiphany washed over me, allowing me to enter into a deeper appreciation for my life. A feeling of empowerment and gratitude. It gave me a deeper insight that I wasn’t aware of previously. The message I found woven into this experience was that if all these events, so perfectly orchestrated were happening, then I am meant to be here. We all are. It is meant to be, or if it weren’t we wouldn’t be here. We each have a gift to share with this world. Perhaps we are unsure of what that gift is that we want to share with others. Maybe it is much simpler than we make it out to be.

Could it be that our purpose in this life is to simply love. To learn how to love ourselves again and appreciate the miracles that surround us, and support us every day, often unnoticed. Free yourself from the expectations of being a particular anything. Allow yourself to be a vessel for doing good in this life. May you find the inner stillness to fully embrace your authenticity. Acting as a guide to others that there is no one to be. Follow the inner burning desires and gentle nudges of your soul towards your version of surrender. Let what comes up for you to be your guide to the direction you wish to take in life. Let your inner guide, your keeper of your own souls wisdom be strong and fierce.

Let your souls energy be recognized for this wisdom it carries, instead of being hidden away, left unnoticed or suppressed. When you spend time in solitude, journaling, meditating, or in nature, the mind clutter and expectations of others are no longer at the forefront of your mind. Instead, you are being bathed in high vibrational energy that permeates through the darkest of illusions. Harness your souls energy, feel into its immense knowingness and step into surrender and trust. Step into your soul, visit a while, allow it to show you the way. Allow yourself to develop such a deep trust of your souls energy and its reassurance, and observe the miracles that occur.


Lindsay Motta

A prairie girl at heart, I have always found that being still in nature opens up space for a deeper awareness within myself, returning me back to a state of equilibrium. For myself, I’ve felt the strong messages that nature has to offer, and how the shift can focus when we recognize that nature herself experiences times of hardship, transition, renewal, and growth. Recognizing the similarities with nature and myself has helped me through my own challenges with anxiety and depression. Although the discomfort can feel unbearable at times, I trust that the universe is providing me with the experiences necessary for the evolution of my soul, and experiences that will be for the highest and greatest good. I try to let go of expectations of myself and recognize that the feelings of discomfort dissipate once I let go of the resistance towards these experiences. My passion and purpose in this life is to help others by sharing through writing and offering meditation classes. Currently, I am pursuing training as a health coach with the intention to incorporate mindfulness and meditation techniques into the sessions. My intention is to bring love and light to others when perhaps they have forgotten how truly divine and whole they are. You have no one to be, no where to be. You are allowed to simply be. With love, Lindsay