Living in Alignment with Kayla


When do you feel like your highest self? Where are you? Who are you with? 

When I am fully immersed in a creative or mindful endeavour. Most likely I am alone at my kitchen table or walking in the forrest in Cypress Hills, SK. 

Was there a time in your life that you knew you were not living in alignment? How did you notice that? What did you do to change it?

My transition into motherhood was not what I expected (is it ever?)… It was darker, longer and harder than I ever could’ve imagined. And it was lighter too somehow. 

I was still found time for my favourite self care activities like reading, creativity and listening to music. I enjoyed being “mom” for the most part. I was organized, prepared and highly caffeinated. Everyday I would get up and put on a happy face and do all the things, and yet I could feel like that wasn’t enough. I wasn’t doing enough. I wasn’t enough

I thought I was embracing my new role in life and yet there was a part of myself that I felt was missing… alignment. I was off-kilter, unbalanced and a little bit angry. 

Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 1.28.47 PM.png

I needed something to change. My family needed something to change. My mood was increasingly unpredictable and I was often having feelings of resentment. I knew from my education, long love for creativity and my growing Pinterest boards that I need a therapeutic outlet. I signed up for an art class - I was really excited to use my brain in a different way. In the end the class was cancelled due to low registrations and I wasn’t able to go. I was crushed - like mind glowingly (irrationally) crushed.

Still feeling that sense of unrest and the craving for change - I sought out some counselling, started self-starting some creative endeavours and upped my walking-being-outisde game.

These three things helped immensely - as did the passing of time. I became more comfortable in my mom shoes and started getting together weekly with friends who also has babies (creating our own little support group). Things became less raw, less intense and I was becoming more open and more communicative. 

What does self care mean to you?

Overall self care to me is listening to that urge that is inside. The urge telling you to take a time out, the urge to pamper yourself or to be alone.  It’s whatever it needs to be honoured in the moment. Some days it’s journalling. Some days it’s meditation. Some days it's making that long overdue counselling appointment. Somedays it’s music. Some days it's a pedicure. Somedays it’s calling a friend (you get the point).

What resources (an app, book, podcast, blog, etc) you really enjoyed that has helped you become more self aware in your life? 

I am a HUGE Brene Brown fan - all of her stuff is amazing and insightful.

I also use the HEADSPACE app for mediation.


Kayla Huszar

I am a registered social worker + expressive art therapist doing therapy in an atypical way (couch sitting need not apply). I am also a wife, mom (both human and fur), self-taught hobbyist photographer, and my most joyous days are spent in the forrest contemplating my place in the world. AND I believe in art & creative expression as a way to communicate and heal.

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