Olive Wellness Podcast: Part 3 - “How To Combat The Beauty World – But Still Be ‘Beautiful’”

R&R discuss what they have done to overcome working within the very limited walls and beliefs of the beauty industry.  They are here to revolutionize how we think about beauty, and how that translates into your day to day life.  Both girls fully believe that beauty comes from within, and there is nothing as attractive (good haircut or not…) that will show how beautiful you are once you’ve found that inner balance.




olive wellness

rae asked her good friend robyn to start a podcast with her. ‘olive wellness’ was born in fall 2018. there are episodes every week to share that beauty isn’t always what is on your face or hair, but within as well. at olive, beauty doesn’t just mean that you’re done up, we care about what you’re putting into your body and how you treat your temple.

with robyn now a part of the team, olive is ready to tackle any big events you may

want to throw at us. anything from a huge wedding party (luckily, the two r's are perfectly timed.) to a girl's night out where you all need to feel a little more glam.

olive approaches beauty in a different way - we want you to feel beautiful and comfortable in your skin. we love that natural look, but from time to time, we love dressing to the 9’s. health and wellness are right up there with beauty when it comes to olive. no judgment, we love all walks of life. whether that means you love to dress up every day and put a full face on every morning, or if you love rolling out of bed and throwing your beautiful mane into a ponytail as you head off to sweat in the morning. to us, the most important thing is that you feel beautiful from the inside out. and of course, we will get your hair done perfect and if you’re craving it, we will get your makeup on with that perfect airbrush glow.

rae lives with the passion and intensity of a 70’s perm for whatever she’s doing; art, photography, biking, baseball (big Red Sox fan…thumbs down, Rae.), action movies, (mostly Harry Potter, Batman, and Star Wars) even UFC fight nights.

….but here’s why you need her on your hair.

rae absolutely loves what she does. hair. she’s developed her skills over a

decade at places like Hedkandi, Bumble & Bumble, Vidal Sassoon, and Red

Bloom Salon. she moonlight’s prepping girls (and sometimes the dudes) for their

wedding day with Avenue Beauty, so ‘up’ do’s and makeup are all part of the


 check out some of the work at @holysnipsrae on Insta.

  ps.…Han shot first. (Google it.)

 pps. here are some of the things rae has done; 

- hair for Comic Con 

- hair at Parkluxe

- Nordstrom opening fashion show

- Global/City TV events for local designers like Camp

-9 years of weddings


-hair tutorials

robyn is always seeking out her next adventure or her newest challenge. give this girl a goal and there is nothing getting in her way. (including any and every variation of handstand you can think of practicing!) you are likely to find this little spunky ball of energy doing something active. whether that’s jogging with her pups, (lilly & deuce ((jack for short)) lifting those heavy weights at the gym or slowing things down to mediate and practice yoga. you can find her travelling the world, jumping out of planes (although we think that's a little scary..) or cooking her favorite meals for her family and friends.

...but here's why you want her doing your makeup...

learning from the best of the best, robyn has developed her artistry skills in bridal and beauty makeup over the past 6 years and loves nothing more than making women feel as confident and beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. there's no fake here. (seriously) she is real, she is open, she is honest and she is confident. let her help you embrace your inner beauty so you can shine through on your special day. 

consults are free, so you can always give her a call to discuss what your vision is for your event/everyday makeup!

check out some of robyn's work on insta @missrobynj

ps. Han still shot first..

pps. here are some of the things robyn has done;

-6 years of bridal makeup 

-fitness competition makeup

-fashion shows

-engagement shoots

-photo shoots

-CTV segments

-featured in BLUSH wedding & lifestyle 

ppps. rae & robyn make a mean duo - perfectly timed and in sync, these two will have everyone ready when they need to be (wedding parties) - while looking your best for whatever occasion (girls night out?!) you needed a little glam-team help.