Finding & Defining Faith


I’ve recently been feeling this pull towards fear. And each time this sensation pulls me in closer I catch a glimpse at what it feels like to have faith.  

Faith isn’t what I imagined it was.  I always seem to associate the word faith with religion: having faith in god.  And because I wasn’t and still am not interested in speaking in religious terms, I decided a while back to release this word from my vocabulary.  It hasn’t been until I was the midst of a separation, when I fully embraced the meaning of this word.  

Faith doesn’t only exist in religion; it exists everywhere.  Faith is the exact opposite of fear.  It is love. It is a knowing that there is something out there, looking after you and guiding you on this journey.  

By definition faith is “complete trust or confidence in someone or something” and “a strongly held belief”. 

I have faith that I am heavily guided.  

I have faith that I will be taken care of.

I have faith that my life is exactly as it should be.

I have faith in love.  

Our faith is often tested.  We come into certain situations that leave us wondering if faith has our back, asking ourselves if we should turn to ego instead?  But the thing about faith is, that once you’ve taken the journey to ego (fear), your faith grows stronger.  It becomes more and more clear how incredibly important it is to have faith, once we loose it, even momentarily.

Take tonight for an example.  I am in the midst of a fear-based argument with someone who has no faith.  I get sucked in.  I am pulled down to the depths of fear and find myself questioning my faith.  

“But if I believe it will be okay, and just have faith, will it really work out in my favour?”  

The answer to that question is always yes.  Because what faith reminds us is that everything about this life is exactly as it’s meant to be.  So even in the depths of heartbreak, grief or despair, we must return back to faith.  

Faith is our guide.  

Faith has our back.

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Krista Marie is the owner + designer at Alexandra Bead House. She is a crystal healer, yoga instructor and tarot card reader. With Krista's background in retail marketing and management, she decided to start her own healing crystal business in the fall of 2015. After 2 years of running Alexandra Bead House, Krista decided to fulfill her dream of being an entrepreneur and took on Alexandra Bead House as her full time gig. Krista's love for crystals, tarot and yoga has blossomed into a well-rounded heart healing business.