Living In Alignment with Niki

What does living in alignment mean to you?

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Living in alignment to me is being in the present moment. This is easier to say, and much harder to practice. Alignment is in the now, with the body that I have now, with thoughts as a tool and not a master, and with emotion to guide me rather than overwhelm me. Scrap all the complicated stuff, and focus on being here now. From here our brightest light shines naturally, and the opportunities and people meant for us are attracted to us, and the rest just falls away.

What is one of your daily self-care strategies/routines as you transition through different energies in your day?

The most important daily self-care strategy for me is meditation. When you make time to cultivate the tool of your mind, time slows down, and everything you set out to do becomes more powerful, more purposeful. You are creating space between your thoughts and the witness of your thoughts, so that you can RESPOND instead of react. It is learning how to sit with yourself, in all of your shades. To me, that’s the ultimate freedom, becoming able to choose your life. 

How does your business/career support other women’s self care practices? 

My passion is for conscious movement, emotional release, and compassionate connection to self/others/universe. I combine the ancient wisdom of the eight limb path of yoga with being a real modern human doing life. It’s all about key pieces of information that lead to learning through your own experience, in a way that you can’t un-know. I have always been obsessed with the HOWs of life, and sharing them with others so that ultimately we are empowered to be our own guide.

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Niki Walters


I am an awakening guide, which means that I myself am awakening (becoming more present), while also guiding others along the path. This looks like soul self embodiment coaching one on one, and yoga & meditation courses, classes and workshops. An eternal student, I am invested in being the master of my own humanMESS. I believe in both the beauty and the alarming reality of being alive. It is my soul’s calling to be a living breathing dancing example of a new way of being.