Who Is LIA?

Who is LIA?

…simply put, a women in her highest state of alignment.

Ok, so not that simple at all.

She is confident, self aware, fearless of others’ judgements and has befriended own inner-critique. She is committed and motivated to fulfill her purpose/dharma/journey of life. She lives a nourishing lifestyle she builds everyday through love and inspiration of embracing her feminine yin nature to create her balance. She knows how to nurture her body, speak kindly to herself and embrace her spirit. She is guided by her intuition and trusting what she needs moment by moment and honours her deepest vibration. 

She is my highest self.

She is your highest self.


The LIA project bloomed from a teary late night journaling session. I was frustrated with feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and minimally nourished. That night I choose to sit deep in meditation and journaled e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. out. I realized that the core of this frustration came from continuously (consciously and unconsciously) putting my needs LAST. And I was allowing this. I was doing this to myself… and then usually blaming my external environment for this. “Work is overwhelming, I’m tired, I don’t have time to destress, blah blah blah” the classic pity party and them some.

And this has been going on for a while my friend. Like years. I have been giving my happiness, my power, my energy away just like that. Allowing myself to be walked all over in attempt of the “look at me, I can do it all” prize… which doesn’t exists BTW.

That night I surrender to all the emotions and felt a sense of deep knowing I wasn’t the only one going through this. Memories were flashing through my mind of other women in my life, friends, sisters, colleagues... all who are struggling to find a sense of balance/harmony/alignment such as I was. I knew I had so much to be thankful for, my partner, my friends, my career, but it was as if I became numb to the gratitudes around me. An internal shift was needed. The reality of my world was no longer in alignment with who I was becoming and with how I was treating myself. That night on paper I defined the LIA : a women in her power, her alignment, her flow. And thus the LIA project had a name, and that name became my daily mantra.


I knew I needed to start to truly listen to my intuition and prioritizing my needs. I made actionable steps, routines, rituals, boundaries and community to help me feel more in tune with myself. My daily meditation practice became a non-negotiable and every day it was easier to feel grounded, clear and energized.

I saw it as a personal on-going project of self discovery and ultimately learning how I can show myself love. I started to experience some deep shifts and I realized how it affected my environment around me for the better. Some days are easier than others just as anything but I developed and evolve the tools I need to get into alignment when I’m off course.

As I’ve been growing my self care toolkit, I’ve felt the need more and more to share this with other women. We are givers. We love to give and its one of our many super powers, as I like to call them. But we need to recharge ourselves DAILY in order for the giving to happen from that place of empowerment. This is crucial for our happiness and the quality of our environment around us. We are such influential beings that we need to remind each other to recharge ourselves FIRST in order to do our work in the world. I’ve built the LIA instagram and now website as a collaborative venture and community hub of personal tools, strategies and rituals to share and support our female community to thrive daily by Living in Alignment with our highest self.

Thank you, beautiful soul, for being here and part of my journey.

I’d love to hear any comments or questions you have in the box below!


Carolina Smith


Hi you! I’m Carolina, the creator of the LIA project, elementary teacher, certified yoga instructor, self care advocate and lover of all things outdoors. When I’m not creating lesson plans for my students, I'm usually in the rockies, at a spa, stretching it out at a studio or having soul conversations with a my girlfriends... glass of wine in hand.. (continue reading under LIA team tab).