The 3 ways the SCTM online course is designed for you, the busy one.


Let's choose refreshed rather than frazzled.

Let's choose calm instead of chaos.

Let's choose clarity instead of overwhelm.

I designed the Self Care Through Meditation online course for those looking to take back their power and time with meditation. To fill themselves up, feel good every day.

I know what busy is, so I've made this designed for you girl, the busy one there trying to keep her head above water.

Here is how this course has been made for the busy-minded, full-schedule, career-driven women:


1) This course is self-serving aka. you do it at your own pace. Notice I didn't say, when you "have time". NO oom here for extra time. You've got a kick-ass schedule and I know that squeezing something into it needs to be worth it. This program can be covered in 2 weeks if needed - yes I'm thinking of you teachers that want to get it done before the Sept-crazy hits. Or those that would like to extend it over 4 weeks to ease into the meditation sensation. Both are equally beneficial and include all the same access.

 2) The lessons are short and clear. The modules take about 30mins a week to cover and the practice is about 10 mins x3 a week. We build the time dedication together so it's not overwhelming. 30 +(10x3)= 60-ish mins a week. I’ll guide you into building up towards this time per week, not to mention by dedicating this time on practicing focus you will only free up more time in your week. Hello productivity hack!

3) Easy member's access & email support because we all need a cheerleader in our inbox! I’ll send you weekly reminders and check-in with how things are going. As you will be part of the greater collective of members via our private Facebook group. Here we will unpack the questions and roadblocks that may come up so you are getting your best results. 

I'm a busy bee too and it's about to get just that much crazier in the fall. Meditation is my #1 go-to that will get me through the ups and downs of the seasons. That's why I've taken over a year to carefully piece this course together to save you that "wandering mind" time and gain back your self-care routine. Not to mention saving you time and money as you’ve been trying to download meditation app or productivity hack tools that never seems to show the results you’re looking for. I've built this to keep the momentum going and that commitment to yourself strong.

September is a big transition month no matter where you’re at so le'ts do a little inner prep-work before the "other" prep-work starts.

Your summer project starts here with the LIA project.


Carolina Smith

Hi there, I’m Carolina, the founder of the, elementary teacher, certified yoga instructor, self care advocate and lover of all things outdoors. When I’m not creating mindfulness lesson plans for my students, I'm usually hiking the rockies, stretching it out at a studio or having soul conversations with a my girlfriends... glass of wine in hand. If you're reading this it's because you and I have a lot in common. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or ideas of real self care!