Q & A: I have lots of thoughts still cycling through my head when meditating. Is it best to just accept they are there and try to refocus on your breath?

Every time you noticed your thoughts have taken over your conscious just notice and remind your self what you’re focusing one. You can use a gentle guiding comment to yourself like "This is a thought passing through, now back to the breath”. Making it a disciplined practice to refocus each time to the breath or your word. This is definitely something we’re going to be talking about more of this Wednesday! And yes, you will start to develop longer periods of time that you can focus on your breath before the thoughts start to take over. With the topic of acceptance, it’s simply accepting 2 things:

1) accepting what the actual thought is and if it is bring up emotions

2) accepting that you got caught up in the thought and not judging ourselves for letting that happen.  

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Carolina Smith

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