Q & A: I am very new to the land of essential oils. Where is a good place to buy and how do you suggest starting to use them in your practice?

Great question! There is lots to know about the land of essential oils! I got into essential oils about 3 years ago and am pretty blown away with their benefits and uses. 

There are ultimately 3 ways to use essential oils: topically (on your skin/in beauty products), inhaling them/diffusing, and by consuming them internally (ex. using them in recipes/teas as flavouring/benefits). 

Something to be aware of is that there are different “grades”/ levels of essential oils. Some of companies out there will have additives or fillers and others are what is called “therapeutic grade” essential oils that are the purest form. If it’s certified then it’ll say therapeutic grade essential oil. This basically means the distilling process is legit and nothing else is added. 

I chose to go through Young Living essential oils because I had a few bad reactions to Saje and others so I decided to fork out the big bucks (it felt like it at the time haha) and bought their intro essential oils kit which started me on this path of using less toxic alternatives to skin & home cleaning products! So far I’ve been really happy with their products and slowly getting into the “business” side of their company but mostly I just enjoy making my own beauty products & yoga/meditation roll-on blends! 

Now that I’ve been dabbling in them for a few years I definitely use them in my yoga/meditation practice. For my practice, I usually research the plant/essential oil and note what area of the plant is used and what it’s best known for. I use the young living site for this and an app I have called: Ref Guide for Essential Oils. Then I make blends using different oils & a carrier oil (ex. coconut oil or jojoba oil) and then roll it on my hands hands and inhale before and sometimes during my meditation practice. This helps create an atmosphere simulating what feeling I’ve associated this oil to. I also sometime make them specific for affirmations that I’m working on. For example I have one for “I am abundant” made with coconut carrier oil, a few drops of lavender & geranium. It smells so uplifting & feminine that I find it so helpful when I’m working on cultivating a sense of self care and abundance in my life. 

The one thing I’ll definitely recommend if you want to start using them on your skin is to add a carrier oil and dilute the oil, and always patch test before just in case you have a reaction (it’s usually just a few bumps if your skin is not comfortable with it). For example I need to always use a carrier oil with peppermint essential oil when I use it on my temples and behind my neck for headache prevention. 

If you want to start using them, think of a symptom in your life you’d like to improve (ex. sleeping, headaches, to feel grounded) and you can look them up online for best oils to help with them or email me and I can give you a few ideas of which ones to try and how! 

I’ll redirect you Young Living to explore if you’d like (but I’m bias because I really like their products and brand)!



Carolina Smith

Hi there, I’m Carolina, the founder of the liaproject.ca, elementary teacher, certified yoga instructor, self care advocate and lover of all things outdoors. When I’m not creating mindfulness lesson plans for my students, I'm usually hiking the rockies, stretching it out at a studio or having soul conversations with a my girlfriends... glass of wine in hand. If you're reading this it's because you and I have a lot in common. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or ideas of real self care!