Q & A: During the day I find my thoughts harder to accept and just observe. Any advice?

I can totally relate to this! Even one thought can cause a massive “tornado” of thoughts that can take over, usually unexpectedly of course! 

Accepting these moments can be challenging so I have 2 suggestions:

#1) when that thought along with the emotion starts to tornado in, see if there is an affirmation that you can bring into your mind right away - either a single word or phrase. I remember in my first year of teaching, when I never had enough time to do things and I’d become so overwhelmed with all the “newness” of my job, I started to say the opposite of what I was felling, instead of “I never have enough time to get what I need done finished” -> I’d ay to myself (even if I didn’t actually believe it at the moment) “I have enough time for everything that I need to get done.”

This concept of “pretending” to feel the opposite of what was going through my head started to seep into my mind and change my mindset towards believe this style of affirmation and it really helped lift a load. 

#2) using something physical to ground can really help. For example, if you know in your car is when you have many of those thoughts, have an essential oil or a lip balm or something you can use as a small sense shift and associating it with a sense of “acceptance” and knowing that others are going through these moments in different places at the same time. Another idea is a bracelet to just play with the piece the beads on my bracelet if I’m feeling overwhelmed to remind myself I’m human. All the little tricks count! 

During week 3 we’re going to look at how we can sit with the sense of empowerment of our thoughts are learn that we are co-creating with them and we are “not actually” our thoughts and they evolve. 

I’d suggest doing your best with your mediation practice, making it as enjoyable as possible and know by just showing up for our sessions and being open to self-awareness you’re on the path of self care!

Other ideas? Comment below!


Carolina Smith

Hi there, I’m Carolina, the founder of the liaproject.ca, elementary teacher, certified yoga instructor, self care advocate and lover of all things outdoors. When I’m not creating mindfulness lesson plans for my students, I'm usually hiking the rockies, stretching it out at a studio or having soul conversations with a my girlfriends... glass of wine in hand. If you're reading this it's because you and I have a lot in common. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or ideas of real self care!